How to Get a Good Job After 50
A step-by-step guide to job search success

Who’s Saying What
A step-by-step guide to job search success

Who’s Saying What


National Roads and Motorists’ Association, July 2015

The two fundamental truths are:

  1. Employers do value older applicants.
  2. Employers are looking for three things in every applicant for every position:
  • The skills to do the job.
  • The motivation to do the job well.
  • The ability to fit well into their team.

Exisle Publishing Living Well National Roads and Motorists Association

Brisbane Courier Mail, July 2015

“Tips for seniors job search success”

Brisbane Courier Mail Get a Good Job After 50 Exisle Publishing

Ladies in Racing, May 2015

“Outlines the strategies and tools to give mature workers the confidence to win a rewarding role” 

Exisle Ladies in Racing Good Job

Perth West Australian Agenda, April 2015

“If you haven’t yet achieved your half century, that doesn’t matter… the strategies have proved successful with job seekers of all ages”.

Good Job Exisle Publishing Rupert French  West Australian Perth Review

Cream Magazine, April 2015

“This book is a must-read and that’s for anyone on either side of 50”

Exisle Publishing Good Job Rupert French Cream Magazine Review

Senior Lifestyle, April 2015

Age is not the issue. It is the perception of being too old that creates the barrier.

Exisle Publishing Good Job Senior Lifestyle Review Rupert French



Yours Magazine, March 2015

With dedication, preparation and these clever tips you can kickstart your career.”

Exisle Get a Good Job Rupert French Yours Magazine


TV Review on Studio 10 | 8.30 on TEN, March 2015


50 Plus News, March 2015

A great guide and a must if you are feeling as though the job market is passing you by.”

Exisle Good Job 50 Plus News

The Senior Review, March 2015

From choosing the right job, to writing your resume and attending the interview, Rupert covers every angle.”

Exisle Good Job Senior Review

Lifestyle You, March 2015

“With the right approach, you can almost guarantee getting the sort of job you want and usually within about six weeks, ” he explains, “but only if you use the right approach and work at it as if it were a full-time job.”

Exisle Good Job Lifestyle You Review Rupert French

The Senior, March 2015

Rupert French Top Tips for Job Seekers: “Job search is a full-time job ~ create a positive onlince presence ~ Don’t say ‘There aren’t any jobs’ or ‘No one wants me, I’m too old‘.”

Exisle Good Job Rupert French The Senior

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